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Today wrapped up 9 days 100% on track with the Classic P90X Workout Schedule!

Kris Hanks (aka XtremeBeachLife) and I decided about a month ago now that it was time to do something about our very dull workout schedule. I had become lazy after completing the P90X Workout last year in March 2009 and though I tried 3-4 times to start again, well, I could never make it past 2 weeks before falling apart.

So what’s different?

2 things…

  1. I have a workout buddy who has committed to showing up every day (Except of course when life happens).
  2. We have committed to a workout time every day (10am), that is WORKOUT time!

What I am trying to say is simply this. It took more than just “saying” I wanted to do P90X again, as a matter of fact I have said that 3-4 times since I completed my first run through. It took an extra commitment to someone else, myself, and committing to a specific time each day, 6 days a week.

Check out this recent video blog update of our P90X workout journey!

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