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Today let’s talk about how to stay hydrated with my simple 3 step system.

I’ve included a companion video to detail the 3 steps I take every single day in my own life so that I remain hydrated. H2O is important. In fact, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can consume.

You can go a week+ without food and survive – You likely won’t last 2-3 days without water depending on the environment. That should tell you right then and there how important it is that you drink water daily.

If you want the best results possible on your journey towards a Better Body then you absolutely need to make drinking water daily a daily discipline. No questions asked. That’s why I specifically built in daily water intake into the #5daysofpurpose Challenge.

Here is the video to show your the best way to stay hydrated daily:

Imagine if you had:

More energy
More endurance
Less headaches
Less illness (& faster recovery times)
Boosted immune system (water flushes the system – you should pee clear once a day)

And those are only a few benefits that I’ve noticed in my own life and experience when I started making an effort to track daily the entire year of 2015.

Step 1: Get a cup with measurements or at least one you use everyday so you can track how many ounces you consume. Just taking any cup is not nearly as effective. It’s often found that what you think you’re doing is not quite what’s actually happening. Aka, “Oh I drink a lot of water” but when asked how much you can only say, “I dont know – a lot?” I’ll bet you’re not drinking as much as you think you are.

Step 2: Fill the cup with pure, clean, and fresh H2O (room temp I find easiest to drink at once)

Step 3: Drink it – That’s it. I find it easiest just to down it and do that throughout the day. If at least I only do it once well that’s one system flush every single day which keeps my body running at optimal levels.

Tip: I find when I travel and/or will be involved in activities for extended periods where I can’t go pee i’ll just fill my 32oz cup but sip on it over a couple hours. Get the same water but it won’t flush out all at once right to your bladder. I do that when I go on road trips and attend business seminars.

That’s it for today! Drink more water! Report back!

If you want more motivation then make sure to signup for my FREE #5daysofpurpose Challenge.

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