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My mission is to rise with purpose.

What does that mean?

It means I don’t wait for the day to start, I start the day. I don’t wait for purpose to find me, I create my purpose daily. I treat my body as my most precious friendship as it’s been there in the past and will be there all the way to the end.

I feed my body, not the beast (that just prefers taste over nutritional value). This means, more often than not, eating meals that are prepared for optimal nutrition providing clean and pure-power building blocks for my body.

Every day, every morning, I rise with intent to use my body. M-F I rise at 4am. I force my body into constant new challenges so that it may never get too comfortable. I don’t wait for my body to move me, I move my body.

I consume each day words of wisdom from those who have lived/ currently live extraordinary lives. If not read, I listen, and if not listen then I watch. I feed my spirit by the discipline of training the mind. I don’t let my mind get too soft with media (games, Netflix, news, gossip). I practice daily on strengthening my imagination and visualization.

I do my best to build and nurture relationships and I always try my best to seek to understand before seeking to be understand. I, as often as I can, lift others up and let those in my inner circle know that they are valued and have value not just unspoken but on an actively displayed level through recognition, personal connection, and time spent. I will release any relationships that are not beneficial to growth of either person.

I go beyond anywhere I have gone before. When it gets hard and I begin to slip into a cycle of withdrawal I fight back and continue through the night. Though, I take ample time for myself as time is my most valuable asset. I take care of my world outside as well as my world inside and my connection to the universe.

I create and do first things first. I work on progress and avoid getting hung up on perfection. I continue, each day, to build upon the last. I understand im either moving forward or falling backwards but there is no middle ground. I train every day my mind, body, and soul as badly as I want to breathe.

I review/rewrite my mission statement every quarter as I understand the mission never ends and if I stop creating the next then my purpose will become blurry. My mission is a journey of course correction and progress so that I am always moving forward/ growing and never falling back.

I teach others how to do the same.

5 Days Of Purpose

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