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That’s right, as of today July 16th 2009 I have placed my order for Shaun T Insanity!

I am so excited to get started I even opted for the 2-day shipping. It may cost another 8 bucks but man is it worth it. So I am thinking I should have my copy of Shaun T Insanity by Monday or Tuesday next week.

I am very interested in getting a group of others together who are ready to get into extreme shape, this program does not mess around and is not for those who can’t take P90X.

If you have been considering it but have not made the leap to order – do it now! I was dragging too but seriously, it’s only $120 bucks (~$108 if your a Club member with 10% off or only $90 if your a coach with 25% off)!

But either way make sure to check my Youtube channel for my progress through the program as I expect some incredible results. I have already tried one workout and saw 3 others from my good friend Coach Charles. This is going to be some serious work!

To get your copy of Insanity you can just go here and place your order right now!
(If I’m not already then you will get me as your coach also…. Bonus!!! hehe)

Price: $164.70