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I just finished my day 10 workout of Shaun T Insanity which was Plyometrics Cardio Circuit.

I have to say that workout is much easier now than it was the first day. It’s one of those things, “with practice makes perfect”. It seems every day I get a little stronger and a little faster.

To top it off my diet has been changed A LOT. I have wandered away from the high grain, high meat protein, high dairy diet. I now eat a wide variety of raw veggies like broccoli and carrots, plus I like to have on hand strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, apples, and bananas.

I have been drinking 2 quarts of water a day for almost the last week and my P90X Peak Health Formula Multi-Vitamin Supplement will be here shortly. I am trying an “Optimal Nutrition” approach towards energy while cutting back stimulates like Caffeine (Though I do enjoy my occasional cup of coffee or espresso).

I will be updating as the days pass to let you kn0w about my energy levels and what I am eating so check back periodically for that.

My recent Day 10 video update for (Shaun T Insanity)

P.S. I took my most recent photos today right before I did my day 10 workout. I pulled up my original P90X day 1 photo and compared them. It’s hilarious how far I have come, sure I am not a body builder but I am in damn good shape now. I feel strong all around and so incredibly healthy. It’s all thanks to believing in myself that no matter what I would achieve what I wanted. I have faith in you and your ability to never look back!

Check out these pictures:

8 Months Since Day 1

Pre90X Day 1