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I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so recovering from a minor knee injury (I think I twisted it while running). It hurt a lot whenever pressure was applied so I was close to out of the game, basically doing what I could that didn’t involve leg work.

Of course with that any progress with Shaun T Insanity was halted! As we all know, unless your new to Insanity (watch the video below), there is nothing but high impact plyometric style moves.

What’s interesting to me during my time laid back was the difference between those people who say they will do something and those that just go out and do it. This is partly due to what I heard the other day though the source I cannot remember, “A well done is invaluably better than a well said”.

As I was near 100% recovered I noticed a rut I had sat myself into and how many times I told myself over a two week period that “I will start Monday“. It was at that moment that I just decided, “ screw you” to the thoughts and just proceeded to push play while I prepared my workout clothes!

Now I am approaching 3 days on because I decided I’d be better off to just Do It than sit around and Say It. One way gives results, the other gives excuses!

Here is a short video to boost you up with your Shaun T Insanity workouts!

P.S. If you don’t have Insanity yet stop talking about it and just get it today! Get started as soon as you receive it, no more exucses. Make a promise to yourself right now and get Shaun T Insanity Here