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Well it’s exactly as they say… Insane!

Nothing More and Nothing Less.

If you have been following me for awhile you know I am a huge fan of P90X and it’s approach at muscle confusion and overall physical conditioning. I got huge results from consistent use of P90X in Round 1 though I started to get lazy in Round 2.

Enter Shaun T Insanity! I must tell you that right now I am just as pumped to be physically active as I was in my first couple weeks of P90X. Insanity is just heart pounding, straight forward, No messing around Cardio!

*One warning to those of you ready to brave Insanity – Eat Very Well! You need tons of simple and complex carbohydrates to supplement the huge burn of calories you will achieve by following the workouts. I found out all to hard when I was several days in and had not been eating properly (No Veggies, Fruits, mainly just Grains and Dairy), I could hardly complete one of my workouts and knew it was time to make a change!

My diet has made a 180 when it comes to nutrients so expect updates on that as I have found a massive increase in Strength and overall Energy just from eating better. Keep in mind that vitamins work best in Synergy so taking Just Vitamin C or Just Vitamin A is really quite pointless.

It’s a great combination of Vitamins and Minerals plus antioxidants that will properly fuel your body and allow for recovery. Also important to note, exercise actually causes done of stress and destruction on your body, it’s when you rest and recovery that you grow in size and strength. Remember that! Your sleep is Just as important as you Fitness!

Here is a look at my first week of Shaun T Insanity in the form of my VLOG!

Day One (Fit Test):

Day 2 (Plyo Cardio Circuit):

Day 3 (Cardio Power and Resistance):

Day 5 (Pure Cardio):

Day 6 (Plyo Cardio Circuit):

Today I am taking a complete day to rest and relax while eating clean and healthy – Tomorrow I start week two with even more motivation and determination to get pumped! Insanity is without a doubt the real-deal and for anyone wanting an Insane Cardio Challenge.

To a Balanced Mind and a Super Healthy Body,

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
Entrepreneur – Fitness Coach – Student of Life
Skype: JasonCroxford