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Well after a couple weeks of laziness after my move to a new apartment I have taken control once again with some big fitness goals!

Today was Day 1 back into Shaun T Insanity, I’m starting out with Plyo Cardio Circuit, not because it’s my favorite but because I know it will provide a due challenge. I love and hate that particular DVD.

Here are clips of my live workout:

I want to share a few words of inspiration. Life will happen, laziness will happen, and things will get in the way; however, there is never an excuse to give up on yourself and your goals just because you hit a bump in the road.

I feel that your ability to pick up after losing track is a huge defining attribute to your character. After-all, if you could never feel the sting of failure how could you ever realize the bliss of success?

So plain and simply, if you have not been working out recently, if you have fallen off track and you don’t know how to get back on, this is my advise. Pick up right now anywhere! Doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere!

Remember your original desire, you started for a reason so find that reason again. Sit in a quiet place and remember why, don’t just remember but commit to yourself and others to pick back up and get it done. Goals without a definite plan of action to reach them are only dreams. Create a solid plan and commit to it, turn your dreams into reality.

Push Play,
Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90

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