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Alright, so to be absolutely honest I missed several days this past week of Insanity. I don’t even know what happened really. It just seems like every day I just never got myself motivated to get up and sweat, I slept in late, and it almost seemed like I created more excuses for myself than anything.

Who’s fault is that? Who prevented me from getting my workouts in on time? Who created the “reasons” that justified a lack of fitness?

It was not the evil little excuse gremlin pushing me against my will, it was me, and only me. Part of changing your life for the better, part of taking action, and part of becoming success is in the ability to accept your own faults.

You’ll always struggle if you never see the one and only that is at fault for the short comings in your life. Because it really is you that is the end results of what happens. Obviously, there are things in life that dictate certain actions you take, but it is in how you react and who the blame falls upon.

You need to accept that, at times, you my fall into a low. There are times when you may “fail” or when things just don’t seem to turn out the way you wanted. There are those days when it seems like ever single thing in life is directly targeted to ruin your day and your life.

But to be absolutely up front with you, there is nothing different about today than there was yesterday. The world did not suddenly decide to target you with red lights, bill collectors, a broken glass, a broken bone, a speeding ticket, or anything else for that matter.

You need to understand that life happens. It’s in how you react, how you pick yourself back up, and how you approach what ever the issue may be. Things are hard and I’m not saying everything is easy to deal with but striving for a balance within your mind, staying present, and focusing on what you can, when you can will make all the difference.

So I missed some workouts this last week. Will I give up and walk away? No. Will I blame others and situations as the fault for me missing out? No.

Will I pick up today, learn from yesterday, and continue on into tomorrow? Absolutely without a doubt.

Today is the beginning of my “Recovery” week in Shaun T Insanity which is the last remaining week before I get into the MAX workouts! I am so freakn pumped! Wish me luck :).

Remember, do what you can, when you can, while you can. Accept your own “failures” as the ability to learn and better yourself. Don’t let a few missed days turn into the end of your motivation and goals. Use a short coming as a way to catipult yourself into success.

I am being real for you so that you can learn and be real to yourself.

Push Forward,

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90