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This is going to be very quick! I am incredibly hungry so I guess that will be a great mediator in preventing a 3000 word post! 🙂

Firstly, things went amazing on my third fit test for Insanity. Almost all of my numbers went up. The difference between #3 and #2 is I actually read my previous numbers so I knew what to shoot for and go beyond. Much smarter than my egotistical approach when I did Fit Test #2 and thought I could blow it away naturally without knowing what my Fit Test #1 numbers were… Stupid!

But as I say, make mistakes, learn from them, and use it for your future successes! That is exactly what I did. I believe in the whole “practice what you preach”. Take a look for yourself!

Moving on…

I did my first MAX workout on that same day. Let me tell you, I thought the first month was pretty challenging, haha! The MAX workouts give absolutely No Mercy.

I am not just saying this to make it sound good. I literally got walked all over and I am incredibly sore! I did the whole workout but it was tough. It lasted a full hour instead of the usual month one 35-45 minute workouts. The other thing about MAX is all of the moves get more advanced plus you’ll get some totally new ones!

Talk about challenge. That was only Max Interval Circuit. I’m scared to do Max Plyo, MAX Cardio Conditioning, Hell even MAX Recovery! 🙂

If your thinking about Insanity, be prepared! It’s far from easy. But hey, I am sure that’s what your looking for anyways otherwise you wouldn’t be looking into the program.

My review thus far = Well Worth It!

Have a wonderful day,

Jason aka Betterbody90