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I believe P90X is more than just a workout program. Just like Beachbody is more than just a company selling product. Perhaps that’s why I am getting in amazing shape and creating a stand alone income at the same time??

Believe me, this update is less telling you about what I do that get’s me the results I desire and more about the philosophy that gets me there.

It’s this one philosophy I practice Every Single Day that allows me to find success in many aspects of life. I will share that with you in as this post goes on but I want to take a moment to fill you in on my recent P90X Workout journey with Kris Hanks and how we have been 100% on with our workouts since Day One!

I won’t make you read much as we shot a quick video today to get the adrenaline flowing in your veins, to get your heart pounding, and to Push You to Push Yourself! You see, whether you complete P90X or fail is not whether it’s a good program or not. Honestly, to me P90X is just a structure to follow so you don’t have to plan everything out.

But hey, who am I? I’ve only transformed my body and life out of a World of Warcraft junky into something meaningful and in the direction I always dreamed of. But it’s only happened through action! Think about it, a dream is simply a dream unless you take the steps to make it manifest!

Alright here is the Day 39 P90X Workout update (Legs and Back followed by Ab Ripper)

So that philosophy I mentioned at the beginning? Well, it’s as simple as this…

“Show Me, Don’t Tell Me”

It’s one thing to tell others (Or yourself in this case) that you are going to accomplish something. It’s completely different to show someone (Or yourself) the end product. My friend, it’s as simple as taking action and believing in yourself. That’s it, screw what everyone else says!

In this case we are talking about your health and well being, before you can show anyone and yourself that you can do P90X. You need to Buy P90X and Just Get Started! Self doubt and hesitation will kill you and your dreams…

So this is your cross road right now – Keep talking about it or just simple shut up and do it!