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So I decided to take a class today at my local gym which appropriately is called “Spin Class”.

I had heard about this before and even glanced into the room a couple times during previously class sessions. “It can’t be that crazy?” I thought.

As of recent I decided to start conditioning myself for a half-iron man Triathlon, so with that decision I started swimming 3 times a week on top of my Shaun T Insanity schedule.

That is also why I decided to give the spin class a go because as anyone that knows anything about a triathlon, there are three legs of the race; swimming, biking, and then a final run.

I figure Insanity has the “running” down as it involves a lot of jumping and leg work plus cardio, the swimming of course takes care of my swim training, and now I have the spin class to take care of biking.

Spin is one hour in length and it is far from a joke. Seriously I ended up taking a mid afternoon “nap” today for 6 hours because I was so overly exhausted!

I plan to start fitting the spin class in 3 days a week and swimming about 2-3 days. Shaun T Insanity will still be the full 6 days a week on top of it all.

I cannot express how exciting my rest day is each week, a day to sit back and just let my body recover after a weeks worth of non-stop punishment.

So spin is my latest addition to my fitness schedule and man is that some crazy stuff! I’ll let you know more as it all comes together.

Tomorrow I plan to just take it easy at the gym, I’ll do some stretch and some very light cardio work.

The eating will deifnitely have to increase as I know right now I burn no less than 1000 calories a day if not 2000+. I have an incredibly high metabolism from all this stuff I do so it’s nothing to eat through 3-4000 calories in a day.

I am attempting to work my way upwards to eating 4500+ calories to compensate and refuel my body. That is of course expensive but very well worth it when exerting such stress on the body.

Keep pushing forward, keep going at it, make sure to rest, and never look back!

In Decemeber 2008 I could hardly do 3 chin ups… Anything is possible when you truly desire the outcome. Before you can accomplish anything you must expect it of yourself.

Good night.

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90