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I really wanted to focus on creating some inspiration today and decided one beautiful way to do that was to share a quote that absolutely, completely, and fully motivates me every single day to push beyond my normal boundaries.

I also wanted to create something that would allow you to Share Your most Inspirational Quote, something that you can’t live without, something that drives you to do things beyond the norm, and something that replenishes your soul whenever you feel down.

With that said this post was born.

I will share the single most important quote in my life, this has stuck with me for years upon years, and the funny thing is it came from the wall of the worst corporate job I have ever had!

It goes as follows:

“Complacency is Devastating” – Wall of MBNA (Bank of America)

For me this means so darn much! My take is that “complacency” or being “comfortable” in a particular situation is absolutely without a doubt “devastating” to your life.

Why? Quite simply this. Being comfortable and never pushing yourself to reach new goals, break personal limits, or go beyond your “comfort zone” to grow as a being is really the most destructive thing in life. Because without constantly challenging the norm and going beyond where you feel comfortable we would never grow, expand, and everything would become stagnant.

It is because I constantly seek better fitness and health that I Push Play as often as I can. It is also this saying that drives me to eat healthy. Finally, without going beyond “myself” and pushing the norm I would never have made a single video that has allowed me to touch and connect with so many incredible people such as yourself.

Do you see how powerful this one quote is?

What drives you? I know everyone has at least one quote they can’t live without.

I invite you to share yours in the comments below…