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My incredibly good friend, Coach Charles Leslie (Chaz) has made the big 2-1 this very day July 28th, 2009!Beachbody Coach Chaz

Let us all celebrate this incredible friend to the Beachbody Community!
Coach Chaz has been through a lot with fitness. He is always ready to help and is loving to all those that seek motivation and help to change their lives.

I’ll tell ya, Mr. Chaz and I have been linked in Beachbody since my first month of P90X when all was changing in my life. This guy has been there and we have bounced back and forth off of each other to keep going forward.

Life wouldn’t be the same without his presence on this planet and even more so in the Beachbody community.

He is truly a loving soul and will always be there for the greater purpose of human kind – Make sure to stop over to his Youtube channel and/or website to wish him a Happy 21st Birthday!!

Happy 21st Birthday Chaz! You Rock my Friend and I appreciate our friendship every single moment of every single day!

Chaz’s Youtube Channel

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