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It’s my 27th birthday today!

But that’s not why I am writing this message to you. Today signifies 2 things for me and 1 of those things has to do with you.

We may have never met in person or really even spoke that much (or at all) online. Maybe you have just visited my website, viewed a video on Youtube, etc. But someone way or another you ended up connected to me.

You know what, I celebrate my 27th year in life from birth today but my life in itself is insignificant. Yeah, it really is. What makes today so special to me is you. I really mean that.

If it wasn’t for the people in life, the connections, the interactions, and the inspiration to LIVE this amazing, mysterious, and beautiful existence we all share, well, there wouldn’t be much purpose.

You give my life significance, you give me a purpose, you inspire ME to continue growing, learning, teaching, and sharing with you. Thank you for being here.

The second thing today signifies for me as I celebrate my 27th year in this world is a goal I set for myself years back. I’ll share the quick story as to how this goal came to be.

In Maine (where I grew up) I used to see the occasional Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, etc. (Really nice cars!). Back then those kinds of things meant a great deal to me. Of course whenever I saw them I would always see an older gentleman enjoying such a fascinating machine.

But that bothered me. I was happy for the old guy to drive his dream car BUT wouldn’t it be so much better I thought to be able to enjoy that without having to wait until retirement?? I thought, I don’t want to work my life away and THEN finally get to enjoy the small things in life like having an exotic car.

I decided then and there, somehow, someway that by the time I was 30 I would be “well off” enough to enjoy things like that. I was around 18 years old at the time.

Of course my desires in life have matured way beyond just possessions. To me now the purpose in life is to enjoy all those small things, all those precious moments; enjoying the company of loved ones, traveling, exploring the mysteries of life we often over-look, etc.

But the goal still stands. By the time I am 30 I will be “well off“, as in, no longer struggling and able to enjoy life NOW, not at 60 years old when I can finally leave my “job”.

Before I say anymore I must say that I mean no offense if you happen to be 60 years old as you have great wisdom and have experienced many things in life. But I know anyone coming from the later years in life would tell me to go for it, I know this.

So with that goal in the back of my sub conscious I suddenly found myself entering a life changing career 2 years ago in my passion of health and fitness. A career of learning, practicing, and teaching to others who need guidance.

Life is a beautiful gift, every moment of every day. Thank you for sharing in this moment with me today as I celebrate this moment.

Remember, it’s not about the things you have in YOUR life that matter but the things and experiences you can place in the lives of others. Share without want, care, and love without question. Everyone matters and everything is special.

My call to action for you today is simple…

LIVE NOW. Enjoy your life now. Remember your passions and if you are unhappy with the direction of your life DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW! Whatever it may be, start taking small actions to change your path. Start today so that tomorrow can be different.

Don’t worry about “what if” because if that’s the only thing stopping you then I feel sad for you. Why? Because the “what if” of today will turn into the “what if” of tomorrow. If you always ask but never take action you will reach the end of your existence and ask that same questions… “What if I JUST did it – Now it’s to late”

Much love to you where ever you are and I wish you the best things in life! Happy Birthday to you because today is the rebirth of your new life. Today is the day you stop being scared and just start doing (Or if you’re already doing – Keep doing!). Today is your day =).