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I have been very active in the pool over the last couple weeks as I have been moving and haven’t really had the opportunity to do my beachbody workouts. To me, being fit in every aspect of fitness is what it’s all about, mixing it up, keeping it fresh, and constantly challenging myself. That is what it’s about and that is what will get and keep you in killer shape!

What I want to do for you here is simply share my swim practice from the other day so you have some new ideas if you like to do laps. Most of the stuff I do is Free Style with some kick drills but you can switch it up to your liking. If you like Back Stroke, do it. If you like Breast Stroke, do it!

The pool I use does not have a big clock so I cannot really time the sets but I do push myself to get it done. You won’t get much out of swimming if you swim 100 yards and then sit on the wall for 30 minutes. =)

Here is my practice from the other day.

300 yards Free Style warm-up

Main set:
400 yards Free
4x 100 yards free or choice stroke
( = 1100 yards)
300 yards free
4x 75 yards stroke choice
( = 1700 yards)
200 yards free
4x 50 yards stroke choice
( = 2100 yards)
100 yards free
4x 25 yards stroke choice
( = 2300 yards)

Cool down 100 yards easy stroke choice

Total Yards = 2400.

Go get it!

If you do use this please leave a comment and let me know! I’d to hear how you did and I will most likely be tossing new challenges like this out several times a week!