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Sometimes the most powerful tool we will ever have in accountability is the simple act of reminding yourself why you started in the first place! That is why I have created this post today.

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My challenge to you is this.

I want you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling everyone but most importantly yourself –

  • Why did you start with Fitness?
  • What was your original goal?

You see, we put ourselves through the crazy pains, body aches, and muscle soreness for something. But if you forget what your original dream was then you may find yourself wondering why you are even doing it. It only takes a small amount of doubt to convince yourself that it’s not worth it…

… So remind yourself right here! Even if you are still driven and highly motivated leave a comment telling everyone what your main drive is! You see we are a community here and we all have one picture in mind which is greater health and fitness. In the simple act of leaving a comment here it may inspire countless others to pick up where they left off.

Keep Pushing Play!

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To Health and Wellness,

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