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Shakeology Is Better Than Coffee.

Yesterday (Monday, December 14th, 2009) signified the very first time I have tried Shakeology and the very first time I have committed to 30 full days without coffee.

The Question of Anorexia

It’s one of those times in my life I don’t regret because it give me the first hand experience to answer questions like the following. You are about to discover something about me you may not have known.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Understanding the Carbohydrate

The best way to achieve long-term healthy weight loss is to approach your journey with a life-style mindset rather than a fad or restrictive diet. You never have to give up the foods you love for the results you desire if you practice portion and balance.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Ready to Lose Weight?

Fad Diets, Weight Loss Pills, and other Fast Weight Loss deal could just plain and simply hurt you in the long run. Some of the things may even work, but not forever. To achieve healthy weight loss you must make a life time commitment.

P90X Diet – Do I need Whey Protein?

It seems one of the biggest questions around is “Do I need Supplements” with P90X to get results?

I want to cover this topic to shed some new light upon your journey for better health and also debunk some myths you may have come across.