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Shakeology Recipes – A Little Spin With Cinnamon!

Shakeology Recipes are evolving and just blowing up the following of this meal replacement. If you have been following me for any duration of time you know I have been using Shakeology personally for well over 7-months now.

Lost With The P90X Nutrition Guide? This Is Your Solution

The most common question I get about P90X is about the P90X Nutrition Guide.

That is what prompted me to create this short sneak peak video showing you some of the core of the Beachbody Club membership. This may very well be the solution to your P90X nutrition guide problems.

A Greenberry Shakeology Recipe You Cannot Miss!

I just Had to share this Greenberry Shakeology recipe with you. This recipe has become staple in my greenberry shakes everyday and really just takes the cake (Obviously a healthy carrot cake).

The Power Is Yours (Shakeology Day 25)

I am on Day 25 with Shakeology after going cold turkey on Coffee and Energy Drinks! Completely, fully, and honestly I have no touched any caffeine stimulant! All because I set a goal, I have a desire, and I remind myself everyday that I am in control of my reactions to everything.

On Track? Shakeology Day 19

I wake up better, I sleep better, I have sustained energy throughout the day, and I just plain have a better quality of health. Partly due to Shakeology and partly due to no coffee.