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Shaun T Insanity Day 10 – A Quick Update

I have to say that workout is much easier now than it was the first day. It’s one of those things, “with practice makes perfect”. It seems every day I get a little stronger and a little faster.

(Shaun T Insanity) A look at Week One!

If you have been following me for awhile you know I am a huge fan of P90X and it’s approach at muscle confusion and overall physical conditioning. I got huge results from consistent use of P90X in Round 1 though I started to get lazy in Round 2.

Enter Shaun T Insanity!

Shaun T Insanity – I just ordered mine!

That’s right, as of today July 16th 2009 I have placed my order for Shaun T Insanity!

I am so excited to get started I even opted for the 2-day shipping. It may cost another 8 bucks but man is it worth it. So I am thinking I should have my copy of Shaun T Insanity by Monday or Tuesday next week.

Shakeology – What I Have Been Missing!

Wow – Shakeology!

So It’s kind of funny, when Shakeology was first released I knew it was something special but I wanted to give it the test of time to see what others had to say. You know what? I have heard nothing but good things about Shakeology.