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A Birthday Wish To You (Even If It’s Not Your Birthday)

It’s my 27th birthday today! But that’s not why I am writing this message to you. Today signifies 2 things for me and 1 of those things has to do with you. We may have never met in person or really even spoke that much (or at all) online. Maybe you have...

How To Over-Come The Holiday Season

Don’t let your P90X (PX90) workout results and motivation fade away because of making bad decisions. This video will help you stay on goal!

Did He Quit P90X? Where Did BetterBody90 Go?

BetterBody90 here! I know I have been very quite and the P90X workout updates have all but faded completely. So, what have I been doing? Well, besides random running, swimming, and various other activities pretty much nothing.

A Swim Challenge

I have been very active in the pool over the last couple weeks as I have been moving and haven’t really had the opportunity to do my beachbody workouts. To me, being fit in every aspect of fitness is what it’s all about, mixing it up, keeping it fresh, and...