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Look! A New Diamond Has Been Made!

After a just a year of hard work, determination, and over-all consistency I can proudly say, “I am an Independent DIAMOND Beachbody Coach”!

Who is Sick and Tired of This!?

You can always sit there and wait for the perfect opportunity or that “Perfect Moment”. But I promise you will only ever sit there and wait! To make things happen big in Your Life, YOU have to work for it!

New Day 7 Update (3000 Pushup Challenge)

It’s already been 7 days! Crazy how the time flies when you’re having fun. The 3000 Pushup Challenge Facebook Group is EXPLODING with activity and everyone is staying strong.

How To Easily Do 3,000 Pushups

Your challenge is to perform 100 push ups every single day for 30 straight days. At the end of one month you will have completed 3,000 Push Ups!

Use Beachbody?? You Cannot Miss This!

I have personally had success with Beachbody Coaching. What I love so much about the Beachbody Coach family is that the products are Real, the System is Real, the Opportunity is Real, and best yet the People Are Real!

A Greenberry Shakeology Recipe You Cannot Miss!

I just Had to share this Greenberry Shakeology recipe with you. This recipe has become staple in my greenberry shakes everyday and really just takes the cake (Obviously a healthy carrot cake).

The Power Is Yours (Shakeology Day 25)

I am on Day 25 with Shakeology after going cold turkey on Coffee and Energy Drinks! Completely, fully, and honestly I have no touched any caffeine stimulant! All because I set a goal, I have a desire, and I remind myself everyday that I am in control of my reactions to everything.

On Track? Shakeology Day 19

I wake up better, I sleep better, I have sustained energy throughout the day, and I just plain have a better quality of health. Partly due to Shakeology and partly due to no coffee.

Shakeology Is Better Than Coffee.

Yesterday (Monday, December 14th, 2009) signified the very first time I have tried Shakeology and the very first time I have committed to 30 full days without coffee.

P90X Is All I Want For Christmas!

P90X is absolutely worth the money and will be a perfect gift. It’s not a special machine but more of a nutritional/ fitness schedule to follow, kind of like a boot camp. It’s very hard core and absolutely works for anyone who is dedicated to the results and stays consistent. It’s not a body building program but will absolutely help anyone get ripped and build lean mass.

Oh The Insanity! I’m Back In It!

Today was Day 1 back into Shaun T Insanity, I’m starting out with Plyo Cardio Circuit, not because it’s my favorite but because I know it will provide a due challenge. I love and hate that particular DVD.

A Swim Challenge

I have been very active in the pool over the last couple weeks as I have been moving and haven’t really had the opportunity to do my beachbody workouts. To me, being fit in every aspect of fitness is what it’s all about, mixing it up, keeping it fresh, and...

The Question of Anorexia

It’s one of those times in my life I don’t regret because it give me the first hand experience to answer questions like the following. You are about to discover something about me you may not have known.

BetterBody News (Improbabilities)

I am going to tell you how very important setting “improbable” goals is to your over-all success. Take just 6 minutes and find out how right now.