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P90X Workout – Yoga Is Boring

I’ve heard this one to many times and so I have decided to set this one straight. I feel there is a HUGE different between ‘boring and ‘challenging’ and today’s video with leave a clear impression that the P90X workout, yoga x is not ‘boring’… Maybe long, hard, challenging, etc. But not boring!

P90X Workout Motivation – I Did What I Had To Do

Long story short, my motivation for the P90X workout had wore a little thin. Not really just with P90X but with getting my butt to move in general. I recently moved to a new apartment and had everything up in the air. But that’s not my excuse. Actually, I really don’t have one…

Beachbody Coach – How I Failed To Success

Beachbody Coach – What I am getting at is this, the only reason I have achieved the level of success I have today, is only because I just started somewhere and kept doing it. I could have easily given up after months of very little views, little traffic, and barely any sales. But I just kept going because, when I started, I had this one repeating thought.

Shakeology Recipes – A Little Spin With Cinnamon!

Shakeology Recipes are evolving and just blowing up the following of this meal replacement. If you have been following me for any duration of time you know I have been using Shakeology personally for well over 7-months now.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated here but that’s only because I now have specific websites for each of the workout programs I use. I created a specific website for the P90X Workout, Shaun T Insanity Workout, Shakeology, and even my Beachbody Coaching

P90X Workout Day 12 Update! (No More Excuses!)

That’s right! My workout buddy Kris Hanks (aka Coach Xtreme) and I have reached Day 12 of our Classic P90X Workout journey! You saw me personally transform on Youtube from Dec 08-March 09 but then Nothing!

9 Days Of The Classic P90X Workout Schedule

Kris Hanks (aka XtremeBeachLife) and I decided about a month ago now that it was time to do something about our very dull workout schedule. I had become lazy after completing the P90X Workout last year in March 2009 and though I tried 3-4 times to start again, well, I could never make it past 2 weeks before falling apart.

So what’s different?

Did He Quit P90X? Where Did BetterBody90 Go?

BetterBody90 here! I know I have been very quite and the P90X workout updates have all but faded completely. So, what have I been doing? Well, besides random running, swimming, and various other activities pretty much nothing.

Get Through P90X With This One Simple Secret

you are about to find out exactly HOW to get through the P90X workout with minimal failure. What you are about to read is actually something so incredibly obvious and easy to understand BUT it’s also just as easy to over-look and NOT do.

Lost With The P90X Nutrition Guide? This Is Your Solution

The most common question I get about P90X is about the P90X Nutrition Guide.

That is what prompted me to create this short sneak peak video showing you some of the core of the Beachbody Club membership. This may very well be the solution to your P90X nutrition guide problems.