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Week 1 Summary | Hammer & Chisel Workout Reviews

As I write this post it is 6:39am on Tuesday Jan 12th, 2016 and it’s day 2 this week of my #5daysofpurpose. It’s already been a full week in the Hammer & Chisel workout and in my week 1 summary I would definitely compare this program to the Classic P90X but super-efficient (20-45 min workouts rather than P90X which was upwards to 1.5 HOURS A DAY!)

Day 1 | Hammer & Chisel Workout Program Reviews

So starts Day 1 on my journey to review the Hammer & Chisel at home workout program. The workout system takes place over 60-days and from what I understand it combines weight with functional movements to help both strengthen and sculpt the body.

A Few Tips To Better Nutrition

Welcome to my new format of BetterBody News! Instead of just writing an email I thought I would create special videos just for my subscribers and customers within Beachbody. I hope you enjoy the videos as I will be giving you tons of information over the weeks,...

The Importance Of Physical Fitness

The Importance Of Physical Fitness Let’s get started right away… My goal today was to give you some additional knowledge that you could walk away with and use to your advantage. Having a goal in mind is great but knowing that something is happening even...

Be A Team Beachbody Coach With Me

Who wants to Work From Home, Be Super-Sexy Fit, AND finally Quit your dead-end corporate job!? Since the answer to that question is an obvious “I Do!” I want to take a moment to share an incredible story. You see I am under the assumtion that you are...